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Simple, Fair Pricing

Buddy Badge

Feature Basic Standard Premium Add-Ons
Self-service interactive Kiosk Badge Stations (per unit) -
Wall-mount Dispenser Counters (per soap/gel dispenser) -
Ceiling-mount Zone Markers (per room/zone) -
Wearable Buddy Badge (per present user) -
Buddy Badge welcome package (per user) -
Personalized QR code reel clip (per user) -
Extra printed QR code stickers (per user) -
Printed training pamphlet (per user) -
Online and multimedia training materials (per user) -
Site assessment visits -
Installation layout, bill of materials, installation planning -
Installation of all required products -
Test and quality control of installed products -
Initial products' batteries for fully functional operation -
One-year warranty for installed products -
Define hand hygiene rules (per room/zone) -
Record hand hygiene performance (per user) -
Record liquid consumption (per soap/gel dispenser) -
Record movement flow between zones (per user) -
Daily sign-in/sign-out system (per user) -
Display group Hand Hygiene performance (per unit) -
Receive online group HH performance report (per unit) -
Individual user account (per user) - -
Individual hand hygiene report (per user) - -
Fully customize HH performance reports for desired time frame - -
Fully customize HH performance reports for desired units - -
Fully customize HH performance reports for desired users - -
Fully customize HH compliance reports for desired HH moments - -
Fully customize HH performance reports for any desired actions - -
Exported report to CSV and PDF - -
One-on-one training sessions for supervisors and managers - -
Product battery level dashboard - - -
Product sensor blockage dashboard - - -
Dispensers consumption dashboard - - -
Fully customized contact tracing reports - - -
AI infection exposure risk visualization report (forensic replay) - - -
Monthly HH visualized reports - - -
Monthly one-on-one HH improvement consultation meetings - - -
One-on-one user support - - -
Hand Hygiene Hero Reward System (gamification and reward high HH performance users) - - - -
Staff Management Dashboard (daily check-in/check-out, work hours, workflow, workload, and direct patient care hours reports) - - -
Visitor Management Dashboard (check-in/check-out, visited place report) - - -
Battery Replacement Service (including batteries for all products up to a year) - - -

* Please note that the "Add-Ons" section includes optional features that can be added to any plan and have a separate cost.