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Implementation Process


Site Assessment

Conduct Pre-Installation Site Assessment: Before initiating the installation, a comprehensive site assessment is carried out. This involves on-site visits to evaluate the physical environment and conditions of all designated areas slated for installation. Precise measurements, photographs, and videos are recorded to document the existing layout and conditions accurately. During this assessment, discussions with the client take place to confirm the scope and requirements.

Installation Planning and Procurement

Develop Installation Plan, Layout, and BOM: In this phase, meticulous planning is undertaken. An installation plan and layout are developed, specifying the precise placement and positioning of products and associated components within the client's site. Any requirements regarding the relocation of obstacles or objects are addressed, along with any necessary adjustments to component placement. A Bill of Materials (BOM) is compiled to ensure all essential materials and resources are readily available for a seamless installation process.



Perform Installation Process: This phase marks the actual execution of the installation process. Effective communication and coordination are crucial during this stage to ensure the proper scheduling of access to each area. The installation process is highly efficient, with minimal configuration and tools required. All products are securely mounted and fully functional immediately after installation.

System Launch and Training

System Official Launch and Training: After installation planning and layout, the system is officially launched. Training sessions are conducted for users to familiarize them with the product. Various modes of training are offered to accommodate different user needs. Effective communication with the client is maintained to ensure that training schedules and methods align with specific user requirements.


Ongoing Support

Transition to Client Success Team for Ongoing Support: In this final step, the site transitions from the Implementation Team to the Client Success Team, responsible for ongoing client support. Each client is assigned a Client Success Manager, and the Client Success Team provides ongoing assistance, additional training, and troubleshooting support. After this step, all communication between the client and the company occurs through the designated Client Success Manager, ensuring continued support and a successful long-term partnership.