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Data-Driven Dashboards and Insights

Fully customizable, data-driven dashboards that deliver in-depth compliance reports for both groups and individuals, highlighting diverse hand hygiene moments and opportunities.


24/7 Monitoring

  • Customized hand hygiene performance reports for different roles, organizational levels, and periods of time.
  • Contact tracing and exposure risk report for different individuals (staff/patient/visitor), locations, and periods of time
  • Easy access to reports on the web dashboard, mobile application, and individual emails

Infection Prevention and Control

  • Specialized in-depth data analysis to create clear action plans, reports, and training modules for IPAC management to address IPAC issues and optimize infection control
  • Smart contact tracing and exposure risk monitoring system to keep patients, staff, and visitors safe
  • Classification of users based on infection control standards and performance
  • Data-driven insights to improve staff/asset workflow and optimize infection control